Help! I’m Struggling with my College Essay

senior year is strange and wonderful and it’s something that you look forward to for so long but now that I’m here it almost doesn’t feel real though most exciting part about playing to college is the sense that the future is right there in front of you I’m looking for a place where I can really not feel like learning or talking about politics or world advance or art or books that you like is uncool or geeky the weight of college applications can be a little bit heavy deadlines they become these mythical sort of scary numbers in your head this is the date that will define your life well si it’s kind of like dating where you have to kind of space yourself up I didn’t win first place in the science fair for creating the cure to some incurable disease I didn’t solve world hunger there’s a bit of a pressure to represent a full true picture of who I am as a living breathing human being who will be walking around on their campus my strategy has typically been just to find something that inspires me about the prompt and then you kind of shape it and mold it and edit it to your desire my psyche is a combination of two distinctive personas Jack and Jon Jon is a part-time theatre critic and self-proclaimed intellectual who spends most of his time thinking about climate change if libraries and local coffee shops had frequent flyer miles programs John would have to diamond cards in his wallet jack is the life of the party an on-call counselor for all of his friends as well as a part-time event planner and celebutante though / their unique sensibilities Jack and John are united by their shared passion for art and inspiring change in the world I understand fully that my ambitions are lofty but luckily for me two heads are better than one and i heard i got into both university of pittsburgh and the university of machine i was excited that i had options of having to make a decision i only really looked at school that had engineering department my mom was an engineer and she graduated from the university of michigan for the university of pittsburgh it’s kind of funny because we actually

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